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One of a Kind Anti-Aging Drink


This super-food is packed with antioxidants, helps reduce and repair oxidation damage to cells, promotes a healthy heart, helps with weight loss, promotes healthy skin, helps with digestion, promotes respiratory health, and has phytochemicals believed to have anti-aging effects. It also boosts energy and cognitive function.


This ingredient is full of antioxidants, is great for digestion, and helps combat both anxiety and depression. It has a high amount of vitamin C, and has been found to have liver healing and anti-cancer properties! It helps turn back the clock on all of those long nights out on the town.


One of the healthiest drinks on the planet, loaded with antioxidants and eluding polyphenols like flavonoids and catechins which help protect the body from damage. Plays a role in preventing illness and aging, improves brain function, increases fat loss, and increases physical performance. Green Tea also has L-theamine which also provides anti-anxiety affects.


This natural tea has many excellent benefits. It helps prevent premature aging, nourishes the skin, and helps treat eczema and allergies. It is also full of polyphenols, providing great antioxidants and promoting great sleep at night. This tea is rich in calcium and trace minerals, which improve overall health.


I bought the 14 day pack a few weeks ago and will continue to buy it forever. I noticed a change as soon as I drank my first cup. It's rejuvenating qualities are immediately noticeable and my digestion improved immensely.  I feel 10 years younger!

Sammi L.

I honestly wasn't sure about buying this product since I'm not a tea person, but it really tastes great. I love adding some lemon to it, and now look forward to having my morning tea instead of coffee. I feel less bloated and I see a difference in my stomach. It gives me energy throughout the day too.

Kathy M.

I got the one month size and it's awesome. The taste is different but good. And I definitely felt the energy it gave me, I'm feeling revitalized after the second week!  Definitely making this part of my everyday routine.

Michelle B.

I would say this tea is one of the best teas I've had! It definitely gives me the energy I need and definitely detoxes my body. Not only go I feel better, but I lost weight (maybe its the green tea in it?)! Totally recommend it to everyone without a doubt!

Bradley P.