About Us

Infinitea's goal is to fight both the physical and mental aspects of aging, through all-natural ingredients that won't compromise our customer's health.

Infinitea was forged from the a desire to create a natural and healthy way to slow the signs of aging while provide support to the body and mind.

Tired of being confronted with health and wellness products that were filled with chemicals and fillers that set off allergic reactions or other sensitivities, we dove into researching natural remedies and natural approaches.   This research lead to learning how the different properties of plants and teas could be used to help support areas such as healthy aging, digestion, and even mental clarity.

A mission to create an anti-aging wellness drink that Incorporated these properties, provided wholesome and natural support for the body, while fitting easily into busy schedules led to the birth of Infinitea: a powerful anti-aging tea blend of mother nature’s best plant allies!

Introducing-Infinitea-Antiaging-Tea- drink